You find a fork in the road

After walking on the path for a while, it splits into two before you. By each path stands a wooden sign with a picture on it.
The sign to the left shows what looks to be a tower, and the sign on the right has an image of a glass bottle. In the center between them sits an odd ball of light that seems to pull you in.

go left | go center | go right

You take the path to the left

The path in front of you morphs from dirt to cobblestone as you leave the forest behind. In the distance you can see a hefty fortification nestled in the side of a mountain.

approach the fortress gate | explore the surrounding area
go back

You inspect the surrounding area

um not done yet sorry :(

try again | go home

You find yourself at the foot of a dense forest of redwood trees.

The air around it feels mystical, but you can't put your finger on why.

enter the forest | return home