i've been in the vocaloid fandom since around 2013-2014, when i was in 4th grade. the first song i ever heard was crime and punishment by deco*27, which i found via a fan mv. since then i've been pretty deep in vocaloid hell. i don't own any because i'm poor and musically incompitent, but doing so is a pretty big goal of mine c:


"what even r vocaloids??? is that an anime??"

a vocaloid is a type of voice synthesizer program intended for singing. at some point, these programs started to be given character designs, names, and in some cases, personalities and backstories to go with them. the unique designs and voices of vocaloids drew in a large audience, which turned into a fandom.

"isn't it kinda weird to fangirl over computer software?"

even though they have no real universe to get lost in, vocaloids are given their character through the songs and projects they are used for. as many vocaloid characters are essentially blank slates, lots of people (myself included, obviously) like to create their own headcanons for what they could be like as people. nobody is fully right or wrong, so you can happily imagine your favorite vocaloids with whatever characteristics you want them to have. do you think a vocaloid sounds stupid and is overrated? hc them as a huge jerk and diva! do you absolutely adore a vocaloid with your whole heart? hc them as the coolest, most successful person on earth! are you a minority and tired of having no media representation? obtain some delicious rep through headcanons!

"vocaloid songs sound really robotic n bad"

while that's subjective, i can admit it's definitely an acquired taste.

more info on vocaloids!!

fav vocaloids!

  • otomachi una
    her voice sounds super nice n lifelike, plus her design is super cute!!!

  • xingchen
    this gal also has a super neat voice, but i will concede my favorite part is her DESIGN!!! HER DESIGN IS SOOOOO PRETTY!!!! HER THEME!! STARS??!!

  • flower
    GNC ROCKSTAR HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! it is disappointing when ppl try to force her voice high tho :c

  • nekomura iroha
    i love tha kittyler!!!! i luv sanrio n hello kitty (i have a lucky chain necklace w a hello kitty charm on it) and i think it's soooo cool she was voiced by some1 amab!! like i said, i have BIG appreciation for deep voiced gorls

  • mayu
    i wouldn't necesarily put mayu at my top voice acting (her voice is very nice!! there are just a lot of soft feminine vocals to choose from so it's not.... superrrr unique?? i still love her voice v much tho UvU), but bc of her design and the hc i myself gave her, she is v special to me ♥

  • rana
    rana's voice is mega smoooth, and kinda deep compared to the other character vocals!! i have a big appreciation for deep voiced girls! plus, rainbows?? yes please!!!

  • luo tianyi
    her voice is soooooo cute!!! and her design, too!! and so is tian dian!! you think i would leave out an angel?


flower is defo a gnc lesbian!! when she first made a big change in her appearance, she got embarassed when she was mistaken for a boy, but now she finds it empowering. she's canon a kuudere, i would expand on that and say she's not super shy, but very introverted and low-energy. she likes to spend time with her friends and gf, but also likes to spend a lot of time alone. people who first meet her might be surprised to learn she loves bath bombs lots. her interactions with others are usually very calm, but in arguments she can get extremely passionate. she is good friends with cul, anon, and kanon, and her best friend and gf is yuzuki yukari.


mayu is autistic and has a special interest in alternative fashion! her favorite class in school is art, and in her free time, she loves to sew adorable outfits for her plushie bunny, mimi. her best friends are xin hua and iroha, whom she also likes to sew for! even though her clothes draw a lot of attention, she gets very nervous when she has to talk to peopl she doesn't know. she is not a yandere, she is ace/aro and very gentle n empathetic!!! ppl just think she's weird bc she's not neurotipical.

nekomura iroha

(ftr, my hc only acknowledges her v4 natural and v2 designs, not v4 soft)
iroha has an instagram nd a tumblr where she posts pictures of her hello kitty-themed outfits and merch. she knows what it's like 2 not like how u look, so she tries very hard 2 not contribute to toxic ig influencer culture!! she's learnin how 2 make resin crafts n decoden n jewelry so she can make her own unique kitty accessories. she lives w her mom who she is very close to, and they spend time together crafting!

yuzuki yukari

yukari is probably a huge participant in her school's debate club. she loves linguistics, and wants to learn a ton of languages in order 2 talk 2 as many ppl around the world as possible!! she very much likes socializing, and while her main friend group consists of cul, kanon, uni, and her gf, flower, she is friendly with almost every other vocaloid she's been acquainted with. she is also very close with her little sister, kizuna akari, and helps her with homework and life. despite being pretty easy-going, yukari gets super annoyed when ppl think she's straight (yukari is a lesbian!!!)!! she tries to get good grades, but makes sure to emphasize a healthy school-life balance for her friends n herself!!


big ball of cheer!!! seeu does her best to be the daily dose of optimism everybody needs in their life!! sometimes her bubblyness and inability to focus easily makes her come across as airheaded, but don't underestimate her thirst for knowledge!!!! seeu's brain is a treasure trove of obscure trivia, mostly about occulty things. she acts kinda flirty a lot, but 99% of the time it's on accident. she is pan/ace, and doesn't mind being single that much. she has all her friends to bond with!! for fun she likes 2 play strategy video games and read manhwa!


galaco has always been a fan of dancing; when she was younger she especially loved tap, then hip hop, and recently she's taken a liking to ballet!

flower x yukari

flower n yukari go sooo good together!! my favorite purple gorls!!! its a perfect contrast: masc vs femme, rock vs smooth jazz, rough vs soft. their color scemes n designs n voices look & sound rly nice next to each other (and 4 vocaloids with no canon media to base compatability off of, that's kinda the best u can get). i love the trope of an outgoing extrovert adopting a shy introvert...plus, while flower doesn't have a canon age, they look just abt the same, which is sth i see a lot of ships overlook :c (4 the love of miku... len x kaito is very creepy!!!)
i've seen a lot of ppl shipping yukari with cul, and i do understand y to a degree. but i still think she and flower are better. that's why i hc yukari and cul r ex-gfs, but still very good friends c:

rana x ryuto

(i ship these 2 PLATONICALLY!!!!! they r BABIES!!!!)
the frogz!!!! my fantasy robot children!!! they both have a kinda throaty voice which sounds rly rly good together, my fav vocaloid cover of all time is sung by them! i don't like how they're designs look together too much, but the colors are all compatable so it's nice in theory...