many boomers and capitalist apologists have voiced their issues with the popular and fun phrase, "eat the rich", often said by cool anti-capitalist chads. they say their issue is that it is "too harsh" and "promotes cannibalism".
(even though it doesn't actually mean cannibalize billionaires, it's a shortening of another phrase, "when the poor shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich" EEEEE)
to remedy this, i propose an alternative,
we need to dab on the rich.
99% of rich people are old anyway, dabbing on them will startle and confuse them so we can revolt while they're recovering. the remaining 1% of rich people who won't be fooled by our dabbing will be so caught up in the dab that they will dab with us and we can sneak past them. it's a foolproof plan. after this, THEN we cna eat them.
for legal reasons this page is a joke