i downloaded animal crossing: pocket camp on my phone in december of 2019 and from then on animal crossing became my new obsession. i love animal crossing so much.
when i get new horizons i will catalogue interesting events here, possibly. i want new horizons so much i would do almost anything for it, but i can't buy a switch because it's too expensive.



my fav amianl BY FAR!!!! look at her. look at this absolute bean. she is so freswrjkahkhrgkjahking sweet. i love her so much. i am bluebear's #1 fan!!! she always checks u p on meeee and cares about me vewy much ;A;


julian is so lovely and fun! he's a lil forgetful which i think is adorable!! but if he was real grumble grumble we'd bw very good fwiends . i would let julian do my makeup any day!!


he's so chill and laid back i love his energy,,,, i love his aesthetic n he always gives me gifts :3c


tia is SO SWEET!!!! she reminds me of like,,, an embodyment of grandmacore (which is 1 of my fav aesthetics after sceen and yumekawa,,,)


rosie was my 1st aminal in pocket camp :3 she was my favorit b4 i met bluebear for a while... i still love her plus lovely is my fav series in PC so we have that in common


kiki is so charming... friend.... plus my cat is all black just like her so i got that special connection


pinky just seems like a very fun person 2 be around... im still bonding with her (my friendship level only 8 rn...) but i have high hopes :D


i feel like merry and i connect, on a spiritual level..... she's a bit mean 2 me, tho :( . her catchphrase is so fun 2 say! mweee!!!!