☆ my little pony ☆

the ponies go all the way back to a small rat, back when i was still a mouse. my birth year is the same as the third generation of mlp, i suppose you could say 'twas prophecy. what the prophecy is, i cannot say, but you can say it was.

my most vivid memory of the poniness happened for my 5th or 6th birthday,,, i recieved a box set of three mmy little pony animated movies, with many bonus pony animations, as payment for not releasing my cosmic wrath on the planet for the 5th or 6th year in a row. my parents ordered it on some website and i distincly remember the suspense of waiting for the box containing my animated pony gift as it, assumedly, shifted from truck to truck, eventually landing in my humble parcel container. from that moment on i've been hooked.

as a wee auf, my favortie of the movie cartoons was THE RUNAWAY RAINBOW, a tale of a seemingly parentless child coping with the stress of the adult resposibilities which have been hoisted upon her prematurely. at this point in my existence however, my favorite must be either DANCING IN THE CLOUDS or FRIENDS ARE NEVER FAR AWAY, as, those are the two shorts which feature the great pony SKYWISHES. i must watch them back, though,,, it's been a while.

i drew myself as a humble pony once,,, one might call it,,, a "pony-persona",,,, or, maybe even,,,,, a "ponysona"...

while i was raised in the prime of the third generation of the little ponies, i also posessed a dvd, the contents of which included several episodes of what appears to be a pony-show from the 1980's,,,, what many pony enthusiasts would call,,, the first generation of the my little ponies. this show pleases me as well.

to pass the dreadful eternity before i can finally release my true form, i have also designed my own pony characters in the style of the my little pony toy line of the 1980's anno domini. you might call them, "original characters" as they are fictional characters that i have originated. that is a long phrase, maybe i will shorten it to just "oc".