what is five nights at freddy's?

five nights at freddy's (fnaf) is a horror franchise based around a kids' pizza joint a la chuckie cheese, fronted by animatronic characters which are also housing the souls of murdered children.
the creator, scott cawthon, has had a tendency to be pretty vague on plot points. because of this, much of the fandom is theorycrafting, and exchanging ideas and analysis. there's also a lot of cool characters.
i first found fnaf when i was in 5th grade, around when fnaf 2 came out. i watched a playthrough of the 2 games from ihascupquake, it caught my interest, and never let go.

theories & headcanons

i've been kind of in-and-out of the fandom for a long time, so i'll admit i'm not super up-to-date on lore. especially considering most of the explaining at this point in time is done through the books which i probably will not read for a very long time if ever. also i've never actually played most of the gamesexcept special delivery, my friend code is j7irkc2jvd, just watched videos and read wikis because i'm a coward.

i would put fanart here if i had any

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