owl city/adam young fanpage!

owl city is pretty much the best thing to happen to civilization since agriculture. while this style of synthpop isn't exactly what i tell people who ask "what kind of music do you listen to?", adam young is my favorite musician by far, and his music has made a huge impact on my life.

my top ten owl city songs (very difficult choice, btw)

  1. how i became the sea (all things bright and beautiful)
    this is my absolute favorite song, probably ever. it's a real shame it's a bonus song, and therefore is really hard to find streams of. how i became the sea is the most beautiful thing that exists in this disgusting, grotesque universe. i could listen to it on repeat for several days and never get tired of it (tested). having this song go through my head during my ride home from school is the only thing that keeps me from opening the car door and rolling right into ongoing traffic. how i became the sea is my best friend. whenever i'm crying my eyes out, having it on loop is pretty much the only thing i can do tell myeslf, "hey, you'll be okay."

  2. fireflies (ocean eyes)
    while fireflies isn't my second favorite sounding song adam has ever made, it has huuuuge sentimental value to me. it was the first owl city song i ever heard; i actually found it via a my little pony cover, because those are things i actively searched for in 4th grade. i guess at some point i decided to look for the original, and here we are. there's something very serene about the atmosphere this song depicts, even though the lyrics actually talk about insomnia. ironically, i have distinct memories of listening to this song on my chunky mp3 player to help me fall asleep. it was like a lullaby for 11-year-old me. as much as i'm slightly offended at how the fireflies meme stepped on such a wonderful thing, i'm ecstatic at how many people were introduced to or reminded of owl city because of it.

  3. galaxies (all things bright and beautiful)
    galaxies is, once again, a song about a really bad thing that's unexcusably calming. it's also, once again, a song that has sentimental value to me (although nowhere near as much as fireflies). for a period in my life, i had forgotten about owl city and all the hours of sleep fireflies had graciously gifted to me. this period ended when a youtuber i follow posted a galaxies animation meme. i really liked the music, and low and behold, it's made by this guy i already knew about. the animation meme itself probably dates back almost as long as the song has been published (the original was deleted from youtube, i can't say for sure), so you can find a lot of old internet stuff relating to it. even before i ever heard of them, when i was in elementary school, i made stuff in scratch that's very reminiscent of old animation memes. because of that, combined with how i discovered galaxies in the first place, it has a massive nostalgic effect on me (also it sounds really good).

  4. meteor shower (ocean eyes)
    i can't explain why, but meteor shower has an energy that makes me feel very safe, even before i found out it was a worship song.

  5. fiji water (cinematic)
    no sentimental value here (aside from what stock i already put in everything produced under owl city), fiji water is just really nice to listen to. you might notice it has kind of a similar subtle-seapunk sound to how i became the sea, which probably explains why it was immediately my favorite song on cinematic. i also really like the story adam tells through it.

  6. not all heroes wear capes (cinematic)
    i'm typically not a huge fan of acoustic-sounding music, but this one makes me feel, even just for those four minutes, what it's like to have a dad who isn't disappointed at every move i make. this is a feeling i enjoy very much.

  7. the saltwater room (ocean eyes)
    i don't think i need to explain why i put this on the list. don't get me wrong, the old version is really lovely, too, but i think the ocean eyes ver is much more polished.

  8. 5th of july (cinematic)
    again, i'm not usually for slow music, but i can't truthfully say i haven't cried at this one. i am very happy adam young was born.

  9. silhouette (the midsummer station)
    silhouette is an extremely moving song; i can feel every word adam sings in my bone marrow. it's like he's speaking my feelings in my brain, out loud. i have the worst word comprehension of any english speaker to exist above the age of 6, and yet i understand the song perfectly. i don't have to analyze the lyrics, i can just feel them.

  10. plant life (all things bright and beautiful)
    when i was little, i lived in a house with a huge yard. in that yard sat a huge walnut tree, with branches that reached out an touched the ground, which created a room bigger than my bedroom in the actual house. if fairies are real, i have no doubt in my mind that at least some lived in that tree. i also used to rip petals from my dad's flowers and make "potions" in an old tupperware filled with hose water (yes, i did taste it a few times; no, i never got sick). plant life makes me feel like i'm right back there in that big yard, no regrets, no worries, my only care being what flowers my potion needed.

honorable mentions

not owl city but really nice

  • interstellar space (voyager 1 [scores])
    voyager 1 is a wonderful album, and interstellar space is my favorite song in it. whether you find it tranquil and dreamy, or simply depressing, you can't deny it describes a beautiful atmosphere. i find it distracting to work without audio input, and young's scores are my go-to study music. i will have to look into insect airport, as well c:

  • up in the stars (ambient blue [swimming with dolphins])
    swimming with dolphins still has that energy i like about owl city, and austin tofte is great on vocals. up in the stars in particular sounds like it was written by my guardian angel or something. i have a stuffed bunny named rarity i still carry around 'cause she makes me feel safe, maybe it could have been written by her. just like fireflies, i have used this song to fall asleep before. not so much because of insomnia, just because i'm sad, but still. i have very much cried to it before, as well.

  • captains of the sky (an airplane carried me to bed [sky sailing])
    admittedly i've been a bit sluggish listening to sky sailing, this is the only song i've heard from that project. nonetheless, it's wonderful as hell, and definitely deserves a spot.

an open letter to adam young